THE ORGANIZATION – Insyder TV is a legally registered and trademarked youth owned online television channel registered in Kenya. We also Partner and Associate with leading local brands as well as many young people who are keen to grow their talents in various sectors.

WHY – For a long time now, there has been inadequate Projection of the Voice, Talent and Businesses of the African Youth in a manner that is meaningful, and primarily focused on helping the African youth grow. Basically, there is inadequate TV channel focused on empowering the youth, with the youth being its sole agenda. With the digital platforms and content being the means through which youth interact, acquire and use information, Insyder TV seeks to bridge that gap.

WHAT - Insyder TV presents an opportunity for the Kenya and African youth to express their views, present their case. It showcases and highlights opportunities available to the Kenya and African youth in education, business, politics, social development work, while at the same time highlighting contemporary and emerging issues in fashion, family and lifestyles, entertainment, technology and innovation, entrepreneurship, law and governance.

HOW – Insyder TV allows the youth and their talents, whether practiced as individuals or through SMEs, to be projected. Insyder TV enables its target audience to Write Their Own Stories and Directly Share it with the world. We listen to the youth through interviews, thematic social media responses, videos taken by the youth themselves and shared online. We also Project Youth Owned/Managed SMEs on our social media platforms and channels by: highlighting their stories, products and services, challenges if any, and their respective competitive business advantages. Our Mentorship Programshowcase Powerful Conversations with leading names in the region who not only advise the youth on life and business but also serve as a source of encouragement to our youth.