Behind My Curtains

Behind my curtains


She hates men. She despises anything that engages love. While many wake up in thanksgiving, she wakes up complaining why she had to see another day. A teenager living in frustration, depression and self disgrace… She is now counting months to see her child…a child that has been cursed, hated and tried to be killed by the mum. Not once not twice…severally!

Standing in front of her is her best friend, the mirror. It is the only thing left that she can speak with, cry to and story with…she believes. She is rubbing her belly gently as tears rolls down her chubby cheeks.”Life sucks”. She remarks.

It has been five years since everything happened. She is now sixteen years of age. Its only two years back when she eloped from her dad’s home after he raped her. She is now carrying her sister in her womb…or rather, her child.

On remembering these painful events of her life, tears roll fast down her thin bony neck. She pities herself.

She has always wanted to excel in school, go to the best campus and be a lady of substance just like any other girl wishes. She had dreams…great dreams! She wonders why life had to knock her so hard down the floor and when waking up knock her to the stomach! All she wanted to excel in now was a slow death before the unwanted new born arrives.

Noises were heard as she dragged the table closer, trying to reach an insecticide that she had bought the previous day. She wants to go…a journey of no return. She folded her T-shirt and wiped her tears. She added water to the mixture and quickly drank. The reactions were faster than expected. In few minutes, she was drowning in vomits. She passes out.

WATCH OUT FOR “Behind My Curtains” PART 1 SEASON 2.


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