Hearts Of Gold #Part1


At Insyder TV, we believe that living a meaningful life is close to impossible if we don’t find a way to give back to the society. We may not have much but we are full of good intention for the African youth. Hence, we make it our business to reach out to those who are hardly heard, encourage them to tell their stories, Promote what they do and project their voices so that the world can hear their version of events.indexd

When Bob Bogonko, a young man in his early 20s and the Vice President of Sister for Sister Kenya reached out and invited us for the 2016 Edition of Share the Love Sanitary Towels Donation, we did not even have to think about it. We cancelled our prior scheduled commitments, sourced for donations, availed the best cameras and waited for the big day, the 31st of August 2016.
indexgSister for Sister Kenya had collaborated with Light a Child’s Life foundation, which was founded by Ruth Achitsa and Chelsea Mugambi. These two young ladies have a great heart of service and they have set a good example to the rest of us, that it doesn’t matter how little you have just step up and be of service in the best way you can. The event took place at Dagoretti Child Development Centre, a beautiful promising centre that was set up by Amref with the aim of helping the children from less fortunate families and also from the streets.
Lovely, energetic youth showed up from different parts of the country, each ready to bless a child and speak productivity in their lives, each ready to bond, each ready to be a child’s friend, mentor and playmate. Thinking we were going to probably interact with them and go home, the lovely talented boys and girls taught us a lot. Eunice, a pretty girl at the centre busted some out of this world moves and noticing our defeat faces, she smiled and offered to teach us what dance is all about. That was mind blowing.

They are good in Drama, Football, Volleyball and many other productive activities which we competed with them and friends, we were defeated…

indexkjSome of them had sad life stories, others were struggling to quit some bad habits yet in all that, they could still smile and tell jokes. We spoke to them about God, importance of purpose and keeping the right company. May God bless them.

We thank the centre’s Management for welcoming us, the organizers, the children and above all, God for making it happen. A beautiful tall lady who also showed up for the visit said something that will forever stay with me and definitely use it in my write life; “How you walk with the broken is more important than how you sit with the great. ” Thank you Shar for that.


  1. “How you walk with the broken is more important than how you sit with the great. ” this is how you bring kindness into a world that feels so divided, that’s what makes a weapon of mass construction. Thank you for that

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    Wow… Such an empowering insight. Well thought of words.
    So brief so well put so enriching. Feels like I know you when I don’t. Who’s the writer?leave your name next time kindly.