Hearts Of Gold #Part2


“Made in the streets but definitely not limited by the streets.”


We take pride in shining light on The focused youth who step up and do things that the society can bank on. Care To Share Foundation knows no limit when it comes to reaching out and lending a helping hand to those who need it, and that explains why we have a lot of time for these young trendy individuals. Led by the founder Sarah Mutinda widely known as Mwixx, the frisky team went all the way to Ruai to visit a home called Made In The Streets.

mady 7

I could tell you so much about the home but why should I when you can also donate the little that you have, and head there to visit the ambitious children in there? One thing that stole my heart though is a conversation I had with one of the young ladies. she told me that apart from the donations we take to them, the one thing that she highly treasures is the advise and the conversations we have with them. To her, the close contact with other ladies who have had their share of challenges but still made it encourages her to dream and want more in life.  Right there, I was moved.

mady 4

The home is so cool. Children are all swagged up, disciplined and the management equips them with skills and education that when they step out to be on their own, they become of great importance to the society.

mady 6

For example, one of the guys who was there is now a well known Chef and he brings dope T shirts for them every time he visits. How cool is that?

mady 2

Care To Share challenges us to pick our friends, contribute and go out there and put a smile in a child’s face. Doesn’t matter how little you have. They value your time and advise more.   mady 5   Photography Credits: LIBL Captions