SNEAKER CONFERENCE KENYA

There is something totally sexy and comfortable about wearing sneakers on a Saturday. Calm down sneakerheads, I meant every day. On the comfort bit, I pardon my nursery school teacher for always wearing Reeboks with long skirt suits. She definitely needed them to run after me and ensure I didn’t kill myself in the name of Kalongo. Good old days. Who knew I’d grow up to look this sexy in sneakers?

I love sneakers but in a safe space I’d be more open and tell you that I love men in clean pair of sneakers more. No one cares how expensive your kicks are if they smell and look like shit.*insert the eye rolling emoji here*

The Saturday of 13th august 2016 was everything my imaginary self would want assuming I was in a relationship with sneakers and it was our anniversary. For the first time in Kenya, Green Lantern Entertainment brought to us the sneaker conference inside the Alchemist- The yard and I’m telling you (I still don’t understand why people add-and I’m telling you- when telling a story. Just shut up we know you’re telling us unless you’re possessed) it was all about class as buying, selling and trading was going on. All the respected sneaker brands were represented and we were all ready for a good time-with our feet on the ground-just in better shoes.

The music in the background was right, the food was tantalizing and everyone who attended looked good. You know it would be my pleasure to tell you if they didn’t right? I could hold a pair I’ve always wanted and struggle to let go a time or two…or three…or four. It was like doing business with all my crushes (I’m talking about Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, Adam Levine, Usher and any vampire in town), All seeking to impress me and sharply presenting their business ideas, only that with sneakers it’s never business.  It’s always personal.

The organizers were so cool and their shoe game was nowhere else but up. Yeap! I checked you guys out. Speaking with The Insyder tv, the managing director Richie Sobayeni assured the sneakerheads that there will be another sneaker conference sometime in December. Sawa Brian? Good! However irrelevant it is, just allow me to honor my nursery school teacher by reviving my long gone child innocence, stand akimbo, swing my hips and sing a song she taught me, “We want another one, just like the other one.”

If you think about it, the sneaker community is a male dominant area but some cool ass ladies thrive in that department too. They have taken it upon themselves to know the difference between team Jordan and retro silhouettes and lucky are the men in their lives for they shall not be surprised with Abbibas in the name of Adidas. These are the ladies who showed up for the sneaker conference and I send my love to them specifically, and try to ignore those who just came to hunt for potential sweet hearts in sneakers.  Hello Cathy? Salamu tu. Okay sorry, I couldn’t ignore them.


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  1. Comment:
    Haahahah…. Just who are you? I like your style of writing. It’s comfortable and chilled out.
    Who is cathy?
    Can you add me in that crush list?

  2. Your enthusiasm for js and sneaks its apparent from this piece. That makes the two us *wink*
    And yo!! ‘Cool ass lady’ thank you for reminding them, its addidas not abbibas.
    This is Exquisite. Keep up the good job, looking forward to of this.

  3. Dear readers, I am totally a different Cathy. Not the one mentioned above. Tinky, you owe me as many coffee dates as the number of views this article will get.