The Youth And Governance


The youth take the largest portion in our society but enough has not been done for them to get involved with politics and leadership. Yes, they should be allowed more access to politics to shape the world they live in, but one thing they should know is that, no one will bring power or opportunities to them. They have to step up to go get it.

Not to ignore the fact that they face poverty, barriers to education, multiple forms of discrimination and limited employment prospects and opportunities, they still have to show more interest in politics and governance by making the right choices at their capacity of influence. They have to contest for leadership positions and support one another. Only then, will their voices be represented. They are a creative force and a dynamic source of reason which needs direction.

Plato’s thoughts on leadership and politics remain to influence our world in ways too loud to be ignored. Those who recognize the name Plato will probably know that he was an ancient Greek philosopher who lived in the 4th century BCE. They may also know that Socrates was his teacher and that he (Plato), in turn, was Aristotle’s teacher, who later happened to be the teacher of the Macedonian prince who became Alexander the Great. What most people don’t know is that Plato could teach us a thing or two about governance.

I totally enjoy how he used images to help us visualize their relation to one another, while explaining crucial matters. Flow with me as he supplicates us to imagine a chariot, driven by a charioteer and pulled by two horses. One of these, a grey-eyed, black horse, was nothing beautiful to look at, but was incredibly strong, stocky, and disobedient. The other was a black-eyed, graceful, beautiful and obedient white horse. (The charioteer represents reason, the black horse desire/appetite, and the white horse spirit.) Reason guides, desire motivates and spirit animates.

Unless the charioteer (reason) enlists the assistance of the white, obedient horse (spirit), the black horse (desire) cannot be easily controlled, and drags the chariot wherever its fancy takes it. When the partnership between the charioteer and the obedient, but spirited horse does not work, the headstrong horse takes them from pillar to post, to satisfy its needs and appetites. However, if the charioteer (aided by the white horse) gains control over this powerful creature, he or she can guide the two steeds, and everything is fine and purposeful.

By correspondence, I take Chariot as our fine country Kenya, Charioteer as the responsible citizens who are able to reason straight (allow me to say the youth because they are the future), the black horse represents the corrupt leaders in different sectors who are up to grabbing and stealing led by their own selfish desires and the white horse represents the young vigilant leaders who may not be wealthy but have the spirit of prosperity and good will for our country.

The black horse (Corruption) is strong and its appetite is real. However, if the Charioteer (youth) and the white horse (Spirited leaders) team up for our country, we will be winning. Starting point; register as a voter. You don’t have to like politics or watch News (though it’s important) for you to know where we are politically. Just by reading this post right now you are engaging and informing yourself with politics – e-democracy. And, you rock because you are doing what you should do, and engaging with the most confusing yet important subject in the world. Your chariot needs you!!!